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Fill out the form to get in touch with our dedicated packaging consultant

Get Custom Quote

Fill out the form to get in touch with our dedicated packaging consultant

Get Custom Quote

Fill out the form to get in touch with our dedicated packaging consultant

Wholesale Packaging Solution for Every Cosmetic Brand

Our cosmetic packaging boxes are meticulously engineered to accommodate a variety of cosmetic product sizes, ensuring a snug and secure fit that protects and showcases your items at wholesale prices. We provide a selection of premium materials, including sturdy cardstocks and luxurious finishes, each chosen to enhance the visual appeal and tactile sensation of your cosmetic packaging.

Cosmetic Wholesale Packaging for Branding

Creating Distinctive Brand Identities

Our custom lipstick boxes serve as powerful branding tools, designed to convey your beauty brand’s unique story and ethos.

Scalable Solutions for All Business Sizes

We cater to both emerging and established beauty brands, offering flexible ordering options that suit various business requirements and market demands.

Diverse Packaging Designs for Every Beauty Brand

Striking Designs for Retail

Our custom makeup packaging are crafted to make an impact, ensuring your beauty products stand out in the competitive retail space.

Gift Packaging

Customize your cosmetics boxes into desirable gifts with beautifully designed boxes that make every occasion special.

Versatility in Style and Structure

Our expertise allows us to create packaging that enhances the appeal of all types of beauty products, from skincare essentials to luxury makeup.

Your Vision, Our Cosmetic Packaging Expertise

Expansive Material Options

Select from a broad range of materials to align with your brand’s vision and packaging needs.

Expert Graphic Design Services

Work with Cost Cutter Packaging to create custom graphics and branding that capture the essence and appeal of your beauty line.

Superior Cosmetic Packaging Printing and Finishing Techniques

Advanced Printing Capabilities

Employ our cutting-edge printing technology for crisp, vivid visuals that distinguish your brand in the marketplace.

Luxurious Finishing Options

Choose from several finishing touches, including embossing, foil stamping, and spot UV, to add premium touch to your cosmetic lip gloss packaging.


Our custom cosmetic boxes are crafted from a variety of high-quality materials to suit different needs and preferences. Options include eco-friendly kraft, luxurious rigid, versatile cardboard, and lightweight corrugated material. Each material is carefully selected to ensure your cosmetics are protected while also aligning with your brand’s aesthetic and sustainability values.

Absolutely! We offer fully customizable sizes and designs for your cosmetic boxes. Whether you need compact boxes for lipsticks or larger ones for skincare sets, we can tailor the dimensions to fit your products perfectly. Our design team will work closely with you to incorporate your logo, brand colors, and any specific design elements you desire, ensuring your packaging stands out and speaks to your brand identity.

Getting a quote is simple and straightforward. Just visit our website and fill out the quote request form with details about your custom cosmetic box needs, including size, material, quantity, and any specific design requirements. Our team will review your request and get back to you with a detailed quote and further instructions on how to proceed with your order.

We are familiar with various industry standards and can help design your packaging to include necessary compliance labels and information, ensuring your product meets all regulatory requirements.

Yes, we offer sample orders for our custom cosmetic boxes. This allows you to see and feel the quality of our boxes and ensure they meet your expectations before committing to a bulk order. You can request a sample of your custom design or choose from our existing designs. There may be a small fee for custom samples, which can be credited towards your bulk order if you decide to proceed.

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